William (Bill) McConnell Wood II 1942-2003
1920 - 1985

Photo provided by Leroy A Lovato

Bill was born on April 5, 1942, in Monte Vista, Colorado, the first child of Wade and Marian Wood. More important than the when and where, is the fact that we were born into a big and loving Southern family transplanted to Colorado. We were surrounded throughout our childhood with the knowledge that we had a far-flung family who loved us.

Bill knocked about and went through some trials and troubles in his early adulthood, but he found a home in Denver and the brother he never had in our cousin Bob. They worked together for many years and loved each other dearly, and Bill was part of many happy gatherings of the extended family.

He enjoyed his cousins' children and his own niece and nephew and he willingly shared the burdens of caring for aging parents with his sisters and cousins.

He enjoyed his work as well as the people he met on the job, and took quiet pride in the projects that he and Bob did.

In some ways he seemed almost a recluse outside of work and family events, but he never lost his sense of humor and fun.

His death a few days ago was a shock to all of us, but we are comforted to know that his sudden death probably spared him a lingering and painful struggle with lung cancer. We also are comforted, once again, by our large and loving family and friends.

The funeral director gave us another bit of comfort with this thought: Love leaves behind much more than death can take away.

Memorial contributions may be sent to the Denver Dumb Friends League. We thank you for coming today to celebrate our brother's life.

Note From Kathy

Bill died Oct. 27, 2003. His funeral was Nov. 1, at Horan and McConaty Funeral Home in Denver. And we suggested donations in lieu of flowers to the Dumb Friends League of Denver, since Bill was such a dog lover. Margie and I took Bill's ashes over and sprinkled them in the Rock Creek area, where we had put our parents' not that long ago.



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